Is My Child Falling Behind?

Many parents have concerns about their child falling behind during these unprecedented times. It should be reassuring to know that as long a child has a stable and loving home environment they will continue to grow and thrive.

The most powerful thing you can do as parent right now is be present and emotionally available, while continuing to encourage your child’s growth in an authentic way. Focus on what you can control, which is your home environment and what your child is exposed to. Social-emotional growth is just as important as academic learning. A child won’t have a shot at learning or catching up if they are not psychologically or physically safe. How you and your child handle uncertainty and stressors during this pandemic will impact their learning skills.

Also, it is pointless to spend time worrying if they are behind the rest of their peers because our educational landscape is going to look totally different when the pandemic is over. This pandemic is an opportunity to get to know your child’s interest. Encourage learning through what they are interested in.

What children need right is now is someone to help them make sense of uncertainty and loss, as well as how to navigate fear and change during this time. Focus on this.

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