Questions to Ask When Choosing a Preschool for Your Child

It’s time to start looking for a preschool program that is the best match for your child and family. Parents start looking as soon as January for Septemeber enrollment. We say the sooner the better!

Give yourself time to do your research so you have options when it comes to choosing a preschool for your child. Waiting until the last minute will leave you scrambling and possibly, slim pickings.

We thought it would be helpful to post questions you should think about and ask when choosing a preschool for your child. When comes down to school community, curriculum and healthy & safety leave no stone unturned.

School Community

What is the student to teacher ratio?

Who else is in the building during school hours?

How do you communicate with parents about the school day? Is it daily? Weekly?

What does parent, family and community involvement at school look like?

What is the school’s approach to discipline?

When and how are parents informed of disciple issues involving their child?

How important is diversity to your school’s teachers and administrators?


Can you tell us about your school’s educational philopohy and the curriculum you follow?

What certifications do your teachers hold?

How do you prepare students for Kindergarten? Do you have a formal Kindergarten-readiness curriculum?

How is preliteracy and math skills taught at your school?

What is the school’s approach to learning differences & special needs?

In what ways do you implement diversity into the curriculum?

Health & Safety

Do you have a fire and emergency drills?

Do you have an emergency plan in place? What is the procedure?

Is everyone in the building trained in CPR and First Aid?

What has been your response to COVID-19? What policies do you have in place?

What is the sick child policy?

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