Technology & Your Kids: Managing Screen Time

Parenting in the era of screen addiction is certainly not for the weak! However taking the time to teach your child healthy habits around technology will lead to better habits in the future. Let’s face it, technology is a major part of world and here to stay.

There are positive aspects to technology. It allows easier and often more communication with each other. You are able to track your child’s location.

Excessive screen use is connected to childhood obesity, bullying, struggles in schools due to problems with disability, attention and concentration, sleep disturbance, access to pornography and graphic violence and huge amounts of advertising. 

Interferes with healthy social interactions. Children with unhealthy screen habits struggle with social interactions, which are a crucial part of social-emotional development. 

Our workshop Managing Screen Time and Technology addresses the dilemma parents face along with practical tips to help your child build better habits.


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Documentary: Web Junkie

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