Fun Activities to Keep Children Learning This Summer

Parents often ask how us how can we keep our children learning over the summer months. First and foremost, it’s OK to take the foot off the gas petal a bit during the summer. Your children work hard during the school year. They may benefit from a looser schedule and focusing on activities of their interest.

Here are a few activities your child will enjoy and would benefit from over the summer months.


Have your child pick out a blank notebook of their choice. Over the summer months they can keep a journal which is great writing practice. Even if your child chooses to draw or doodle they are still working on fine motor and creative thinking skills. If staring at a blank notebook is intimidating check out 52 Journal Prompts for Kids (

Outdoor Art

Fresh air paired with making a big mess – what more summer fun could you ask for? Engaging your child in outdoor art will get their body and brains to moving. If your child doesn’t like to get messy they can get busy with a STEM focused project involving building and taping together materials to build their creation. The options are endless! Check out 21 Outdoor Art Ideas for Kids (

Acts of Kindness

Summer is the perfect time to do some volunteering and teach children ways to give back. You can volunteer to help clean-up a local park, help a local food bank, make cards or write letters to the elderly, children in hospitals or military. Discuss with your child how they would like to give back and together choose where to volunteer in your community this summer.

For more ideas on how to keep your child engaged and curious over the summer, you can check out our workshop Ways to Avoid the Summer Slump.

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