Planning a Successful Halloween with your Preschooler or School-Age Child

It’s that time of year – again. Did October 31st sneak up on you? We can relate.

Are you dreading the mayhem of trick or treating? Have no fear! We have a few suggestions on to plan for an enjoyable Halloween night (and what to do with all of the leftover candy!).

First and foremost, plan ahead. Share with your child the schedule for the night. A visual schedule would be best. Children are visual learners and love to know what comes next. A predicable routine will set their expectations for the night and will help with transitions.

Here is an example of what your schedule for Halloween might look like:

Eat dinner

Put on costume

Trick or treat!

Come home at 8:30PM

Get ready for bedtime

What do I do with ALL of this Halloween candy?!

Donate it. Here are 5 places you can donate Halloween candy to a good cause.

Does your child have a love for science? You can use the leftover candy to create science experiments! Check out

Another great idea is to save your leftover Halloween candy to use for a Gingerbread decorating at Christmas time.

Wishing you and your family a fun, safe Halloween!

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