Technology & Your Kids: Managing Screen Time

Parenting in the era of screen addiction is certainly not for the weak! However taking the time to teach your child healthy habits around technology will lead to better habits in the future. Let’s face it, technology is a major part of world and here to stay. There are positive aspects to technology. It allowsContinue reading “Technology & Your Kids: Managing Screen Time”

How to Handle Sibling Conflicts

First and foremost, let’s look at the positive side of sibling conflicts. The sibling relationship is where you learn how to fight and most importantly, a place where you learn how to problem-solve. Your children will have to do it with friends, coworkers and roommates. Their ability to productively handle conflict will set them up forContinue reading “How to Handle Sibling Conflicts”

How to Meet Your Child’s Social-Emotional Milestones During a Pandemic

Parents have expressed their concerns with meeting their child’s social-emotional needs during the pandemic. Children are having a hard time with virtual and hybrid school. However, the foundation for academic success is social-emotional learning (SEL). It is important we do not overlook the importance of SEL during this time. As parents, we know how toContinue reading “How to Meet Your Child’s Social-Emotional Milestones During a Pandemic”