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Child Development, Early Childhood and Special Education

Tiffani attended NYU and received a Masters Degree in Childhood and Special Education. Tiffani focuses her work on helping parents understand their child’s development as well as help them overcome challenging issues and behaviors. She is deeply committed to the social and emotional health of young children and their families. Tiffani has been supporting families both in the classroom and in the community for the past 15 years developing effective interventions for hundreds of children in public and private schools.


Developmental and School Psychology

Danielle attended Columbia University and received a Masters degree in Developmental Psychology and School Psychology. Throughout her career she has had pleasure to work with students ranging from Preschool to 12th grade from all backgrounds. As a school psychologist, she acknowledges the importance of cohesion between students families and the school. With a shift in our society’s mental health, Danielle focuses her work on teaching families and children how to fully meet their social emotional needs. 

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Disclaimer: We are parenting coaches and do not work in a professional therapist’s or medical doctor’s capacity to diagnose or treat mental health disorders. We cannot advise parents on issues like drug addiction, eating disorders, self-harm, child abuse, assault, etc.